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Learning about the Different Types of Soaps and their Uses

While soaps are created through the same chemical reaction, there are actually different methods of creating different types of soaps. Moreover, soaps are classified depending on their usage. Although its primary function - which is to remove dirt and germs - remains unchanged, there has been a plethora of soap choices available. In this blog post, we're going to talk about the different types of soaps along with their uses.

Kitchen Soaps

Kitchen soaps are categorized into two: cleansers and detergents. Cleansers are created to rid of hard-to-remove stains and solid particles. On the other hand, detergents are created to remove tough grease and solid dirt particles.

Cleaning soaps

Like cleansers, cleaning soaps are also formulated to remove grease and solid particles. The only difference is that cleaning soaps don't have any harsh abrasives.

Personal soaps

This type of soap is created for personal hygiene use. Personal soaps come in various forms and special formulations for various hygiene needs.

Novelty soaps

Novelty soaps are those that come in various shapes and colors. They are specifically made for children to provide enjoyment and amusement aside from the usual cleaning purpose.

Perfumed soaps

Perfumed soaps are made with the use of a few ingredients and perfume. They are often used to produce a relaxing and soothing bathroom environment. Aside from that, there are also other uses for perfumed soaps. For example, I use one to create a relaxing atmosphere in my room as I rest in the best recliner after a long day of soap making.

Beauty soaps

As the name implies, beauty soaps are manufactured as a beauty product. Different beauty soaps come with different ingredients for a variety of skin types.

Medicated soaps

Medicated soaps are almost similar to original soap, except for the fact that they are added with antiseptics and disinfectants. This type of soap is often used to effectively kill germs and bacteria on one's skin.

Of the ones listed above, which soap type do you tend to use the most? Share with us in the comments below!

Garden-Friendly Soaps to Clean Your Hands after a Day's Worth of Gardening

Spending a day in your garden tending to your plants will definitely soil your hands. In order to clean and remove the dirt, you will need a strong scrub. The problem is, cleaning products you can buy from the store might end up doing more damage than good. Without further ado, here are some garden-friendly soaps that will help clean your hands after a day of gardening work.

Empress of Dirt Soap

This garden-friendly soap is perfect for people who have incredibly sensitive skin but still want to get their hands dirty from gardening. This soap doesn't come with any rough exfoliates and can easily clean your hands without causing any irritations. This is perfect for those who like to soil their hands plucking weeds and tending to the plants.

Basil Lime Gardener's Hand Soap

This hand soap for gardeners is made with ground cornmeal grits to effectively remove grime, oil, and garden dirt. It's even scented with Basil Lime for clean and fragrant hands. It's perfect for cleaning your hands after a day of cutting grass, mulching, and even mowing your lawn. When gripping steering shafts on zero turn mowers calises can form on the hands, meaning finding the right soap is not easy.

Lavender Gardener's Hand Repair Soap

As the name implies, this soap “repairs” hands that were dry, full of cuts, and sore after a long day of gardening. It's made using cocoa and shea butter along with all-natural lavender essential oil to make sure your hands heal and are perfectly clean for yet another day of gardening work.

Herbaria's Gardener's Hand Soap

This hand soap allows you to gently scrub your skin clean after gardening. It comes with finely ground cornmeal perfect for removing dirt and soil, making your hands feel smooth again. It is made from rich African shea butter for moisturizing your skin and a blend of three essential oils to give it a smooth and fragrant finish.


Gardening is a tough process; however, it doesn't mean you don't have to care for your hands after work. Make sure to clean them thoroughly using these soaps for dirt-free and smooth hands at all times.

What garden-friendly soap do you use to clean your hands after gardening? Don't hesitate to share it with us!

3 Types of Soaps to Spice Up your Evening Bathtub Experience with Your Partner

There's ordinary soap, and then there's soap that gives off a relaxing, often alluring scent. For the latter, your choice of such soap can either make or break a potential romantic bathing experience with your partner. What I mean is, if you want you and your partner to enjoy a romantic bath, you need to choose the one that will certainly spice up that experience. Therefore, what soap should you use?

1. Scented Bar Soap

The bar soap is the quintessential bathroom soap, and it's always present in any bathroom setting. It's what you could think of when you plan to take a bath in a nice warm bathtub or shower. However, most bar soaps come with plenty of artificial chemicals and ingredients. They even come with scents and fragrances that could end up irritating your pores.

To make your bathtub experience romantic, it's best to use a bar soap that's meant for you and your partner's skin type. If both of you have normal skin, then you can enjoy all of the scented and colored bar soaps there is. However, having a sensitive skin will mean your option is limited to organic or natural soaps. Meanwhile, having an oily skin means you need to choose a certain type of soap which is specifically formulated for oily skins.

2. Liquid Soap

Liquid soaps are probably one of the most popular types of soap. Aside from being more sanitary than a bar soap, it's also easy to apply - especially to your partner during a steamy bathing session. By dropping a few drops on a loofah, you can easily apply soap to your partner and even give him/her a slight body massage. There are plenty of options out there for a liquid soap, such as those that come with moisturizers and ones that are scented.

3. Bath Bombs

While technically not a soap, bath bombs are a perfect addition to a romantic bathing experience. They add color and fragrance to the water in your bathtub, creating a dreamy and surreal bathing effect. You can even find bath bombs infused with soya milk to make the water milky and you and your partner's body soft - perfect for boosting a romantic tub session with your significant other.

Your choice of a soap will help set the mood for your two-person tub session. Make sure to pick one that will suit you and your partner's skin type and will give off an alluring and romantic vibe.

Now that the soap has gone down a treat, it's time for you and your partner to lay down on a firm mattress and enjoy the night together.

Which type of soap do you use when having a romantic bathing session with your partner? Feel free to share it in the comments below!

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